GSA 2019 DH Network Events

014 Seminar: DH and German Studies: Intersections, Innovations, Opportunities

Friday-Sunday, 8-10am, SOUND Park (Auditors welcome)

The humanities are facing increasing pressure to sustain high levels of innovative scholarship while breaking through research silos so as to advocate for and benefit from multimodal communication with technology. The new modes of research, instruction, and publication that the digital humanities (DH) collectively represent offer all scholars new avenues for a wide variety of transdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors that they might not be aware of.

To that end, this seminar explores how digital tools and computational methods can advance how we construct and communicate knowledge in German Studies. We will discuss how to apply digital tools and methodologies more effectively and thoughtfully so that we can integrate them into our instruction and/or research. Although no prior technical experience or knowledge is expected, scholars with intermediate and advanced proficiency levels with digital tools and DH are encouraged to apply so as to extend collaboration and networking opportunities.

Format: Pre-circulated readings provide concepts and methods for text analysis, network visualization, and mapping in DH. In blog posts, participants will share their own project ideas. These and other case studies will deepen and guide our discussions at the conference. Seminar days are divided into Theory, Practice, and Project Evaluation/Advocacy.

Conveners: Anke Finger (, Martin Sheehan (

087 Digital Humanities Lightning Round

Friday,  October 4, 2-4pm, Pavillion West (250)

Roundtable with Shelley Rose (Cleveland State); Kurt Beals (Washington U St. Louis); Edward Larkey (U of Maryland, Baltimore County); Britta Meredith (U of Connecticut); Martin Sheehan (Tennessee Technological U); Jason Wolfe (Louisiana State U); Stefan Bronner (U of Connecticut); Kurt Fendt (MIT)

060 Is there a German History of Knowledge? Lessons from the GHI’s German History Intersections Project

Co-sponsored by the DH Network

Friday, October 4, 10:15-12:15 SOUND Galleria 2

Roundtable with Simone Laessig (Moderator); Michael Printy (Yale U Library); Christopher Neumaier (Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg); Jeffrey Zalar (U of Cincinnati)

222 Digital Humanities and Graduate Education in German Studies

Saturday, October 5, 2-4pm, SOUND Galleria 1

Roundtable with Anke Finger (U of Connecticut); Kurt Fendt (MIT); Matthew Handelman (Michigan State U); Andreas-Benjamin Seyfert (UCLA); Britta Meredith (U of Connecticut)

Digital Humanities Network Reception

Saturday, October 5, 6-9pm, Grand Ballroom 1

Join us to discuss, laugh or just be – in person and screen-free!